Kerry joins Asia meeting marked by sea tensions

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    China really takes the popularity award in Asia.

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    News just in that Kerry has proposed SWIFT boats for every nation in the region as part of their defence...

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    Jeff Ogrisseg

    Temperatures have also risen in the East China Sea amid rival claims by Beijing and Tokyo to remote, uninhabited islands.

    Oh, please! Figurative "hot air" from Beijing and Tokyo has had zero effect on the "temperature" in the East China Sea.

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    The Chinese government has 'defied' US calls to return Edward Snowden from Hong Kong has indicated she is not going to back down from US threatening languages! The Snowden scandal was not coincidence but a well planned deflection held before US,China talks regarding south China sea, China knows there is to be a tough talks and she is not afraid a cold war or even a hot war in the south hina sea! Her approach of Snowden scandal has spoken everything about her stance

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