Noda resilient, resolute as election loss looms

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    I kind of respect this guy for not just giving in.

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    Noda resilient, resolute as election loss looms

    A comeback from behind would be nothing short of a political miracle.

    Pure drivel

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    The one thing that Noda has going for him is that he comes off as a somewhat hapless individual trying to get the job with which he is tasked done, and that is something that a not insignificant number of Japanese salaried employees and other can identify with.

    Abe, on the other hand, is coming off more as an out of touch ideologue that doesn't have his feet on the ground and is not hands-on doing the nitty gritty type of stuff that Noda seems to be able to convey the image--at least--that he is doing.

    The working people just might go with Noda over Abe, at any rate, because at least they can understand what he is doing and judge him on the results, etc.

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    Kazuaki Shimazaki

    I agree. Among the not-great choices we have, Noda seems to have the best character. I'll almost vote for him but I don't like DPJ's policy.

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    Bye bye Noda.

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