U.S. delegation seeks to calm tensions between Japan, South Korea

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    That's about usually what it takes -- the US to say 'no' to Japan, then 'sit', and 'roll-over', and they do. Abe needs the US now more than ever in regards to the chaos he's helped create in the region, so he'll listen to whatever they say.

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    I hope Abe will listen but Park should listen too because if North attacks South Korea, Park will need Japan's support. Japan and Korea have a love hate relationship like the French and the English but the French and the English learned to work with each other. Japan and Korea must learn to work with each other since they are both on the same side. If North attacks the South China will not help the South. Only Americans will with the support of Japanese land and naval bases. So wake up Japan and Korea. Stop acting like children and grow up. Like it or not but the Koreans and Japanese are brothers. So start acting like family.

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