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Japan is a developed nation with the numerous problems resulting from a mature society, including a stagnant birthrate, aging population and financial stringency. If Japan can be the first in the world to solve these problems, that would be extremely 'cool.' I believe Japan can provide new solutions for future generations in the world.

Tomomi Inada, minister in charge of the “Cool Japan” strategy, saying that a redesign of the concept and strategy is needed. (Yomiuri Shimbun) Read

Tokyo is in a unique situation for an advanced country. In some places, cyclists are considered the same as pedestrians, and in others, they are allowed to use the road properly. If you tried to ride like you do here in other countries, you would be scolded.

Television producer and well-known bicycle commute activist Satoshi Hikita, saying Tokyo still has a way to go before it can call itself a world-class city for cycling. (Asahi Shimbun) Read

The number of academic degree holders produced by universities is seen as a measure of the schools’ value. Therefore, universities may grant degrees to students even if they don’t deserve them.

University of Tokyo Prof Osamu Sakura, who specializes in sociology of science and technology, saying one reason behind the recent misconduct involving academic papers is the national policy of increasing the number of doctoral degree… Read

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