If an unspecified number of people stay at a single apartment, they could make the room dirty or not abide by rules on leaving garbage out for collection, thereby adversely affecting the properties' values. It's an issue of vital importance for real estate businesses.

An executive of a real estate agency in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district. Some people rent apartments in Tokyo and other areas and sublet the properties to travelers without the apartment owners' permission. (Mainichi Shimbun) Read

In 1995, Japan’s GDP was seven to eight times larger than ASEAN. Now it’s only two times larger. When we look at investment, trade and tourism, Japan’s role in ASEAN is becoming relatively smaller because of other countries emerging.

Masataka Fujita, secretary general of the ASEAN-Japan Centre, saying Japan's long-standing relationship with ASEAN has transformed over the years and is encountering new challenges. (Channel NewsAsia) Read

This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States and help ensure that Japan is able to continue to monitor and deter regional threats.

A spokesman for the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency on Japan's plan to enhance its intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities through the acquisition of Global Hawk remotely piloted vehicles from Northrop Grumman for $1.3 bil.… Read

Make no mistake: A decision in favor of Japan would have tangible strategic implications. It would assist Japan down the path of military normalisation, and it would also send an unambiguous message to both Beijing and Washington about the willingness of Australia and Japan to work together.

Mark Thomson, a defense economics analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Japan faces a Nov 30 deadline to submit a final proposal to Australia for its next-generation submarine, a $50 billion project that is… Read

The quiet pursuit of perfection — that unwavering dedication to a single ideal — is what I think is the most beautiful element of Japanese culture. It’s a far cry from the Western kitchen model, where cooks bop between stations, learn a wide array of techniques and change employers every few years. That’s what drives chefs to go to Japan — they recognize that the level of dedication there exceeds anything we see in the Western world

Matt Goulding, the author of the recently released travel guide Rice, Noodle, Fish, who dedicated the book to Japan’s "shokunin" (artisans), an aspect of Japanese society that Western chefs are most enamored of. (Zagat) Read

The US Congress: A conversation with Jodi Schneider

The US Congress: A conversation with Jodi Schneider

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