We should avoid blithely sharing devices with no connection restrictions with children, and also stop giving the devices to them as hand-me-downs. We ask that families set rules regarding device usage and check to make sure children aren’t visiting harmful sites.

A spokesman for the Internet-Rating Observation Institute in Tokyo, which monitors harmful websites to children. The National Police Agency says a growing number of children are falling victim to sexual crimes as a result of… Read

We cannot feel safe without data on soil contamination because children play with earth, wipe their mouths with their dirty hands and inhale dirt blown up by wind, exposing themselves to possible internal radiation exposure. If local officials could not bother to measure soil contamination, we decided to do so on our own.

Kazuhiro Sugawara, a member of Save Child Iwate’s secretariat, a group that began measuring radioactivity in soil after local governments had insisted that it was safe to let children play outdoors after using only airborne… Read

Foreign Minister Kishida's visit is designed to emphasize and regain lost ground to say that Japan is still here – it wants to come back here – it's not going to forfeit its long-term investment on the various projects in the past years in mainland Southeast Asia.

Thai political scientist Thitinan Pongsudhirak, saying Japan's long-standing programs of development assistance and diplomatic support in Southeast Asia is under increasing pressure by China's growing regional influence. Last week, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida announced… Read

There is a real risk that investment in coal or fossil fuel power generation within five to 10 years will become a stranded asset, which means that they're no longer a viable investment, and you're seeing in more and more countries around the world a determination to move out of coal.

Adnan Z Amin, director-general of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), saying countries that plan to build coal-fired power plants need to reassess their energy strategy because such facilities may not be a viable investment. (Reuters) Read

Celebration Plan available for couples

Celebration Plan available for couples

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2nd Annual Nadia International Friendship Soccer Cup

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