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It's necessary to take measures to prevent newcomers from living in dangerous areas by coordinating the designation of areas as caution zones and through urban planning. It's also important to keep residents informed of the risks of mudslides.

Shin Aiba, associate professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University's Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences, emphasizing the need to prevent people from moving into locations deemed to be prone to landslides. (Mainichi Shimbun) Read

The extended use of interpreters by Japanese players (some, for their entire careers) needs to be looked at closely and a pragmatic policy put in place by the league to manage a situation that will only grow as more players from around the world, particularly from Japan, try to make it in the majors. A league-wide policy that limits the number of years an interpreter can be used by each international player to four years should be considered.

APG Sports writer Kaz Nagatsuka, criticizing the over-reliance on interpreters by Japanese baseball players in the U.S. Major Leagues. Read

One thing that should not be lost in all this is that Japan produces outstanding science. People in the scientific community here are paying attention to this, and hopefully that will lead to the kind of training that will avoid an outcome like this happening again.

Jonathan Dorfan, a former director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, at Stanford University, and now president of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan. He was speaking after a renowned RIKEN stem… Read

The range of work for junior high school teachers is wide. They have their hands full supervising special activities and club activities in addition to course instruction. With the introduction of a system to evaluate teachers, they also come under pressure not to make any mistakes.

Waseda University Prof Sawako Yufu. The Education Ministry said 969 teachers at national, public and private schools resigned in fiscal 2012 due to mental disorders such as depression. (Mainichi Shimbun) Read

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