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There's no point conceding just for the sake of getting a signature on Monday. This has to be enduring and beneficial and lead to opportunities on both sides. It would be a great opportunity if we can finalize it but we're not going to let that hinder the resolution of a quality deal.

Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb. Australia's bid to reach a trade deal with Japan during Prime Minister Tony Abbott's visit this week is being jeopardized by a disagreement over agricultural and car tariffs. (Bloomberg) Read

While the details of the statue or inscription are not yet clear, Japan believes that the movement is due to a lack of understanding of our position and efforts towards comfort women, and is not compatible with Japan's position.

Hiroshi Nawata, a spokesman for the Japanese Embassy in Australia. Japan has objected to plans by Australia to erect a monument honoring the thousands of women forced to become sex slaves to pleasure Imperial soldiers… Read

At first, I thought Vocaloid was something more childish. Then I came to realize that creating singing voice with Vocaloid is profound because you can make adjustments to the vibrato tone or the intake of breath.

Atsushi Masuda, associate professor of popular music at Shikoku University in Tokushima. In 2015, the university will open a course where students can learn to write songs using the Vocaloid singing voice synthesizer software that… Read

Neither commercial nor scientific whaling have any place in the 21st century. This decision sends a clear message to governments around the world that the exploitation of animals will no longer be tolerated and animals must be protected at the highest level.

Claire Bass, Head of Wildlife Campaigns at World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), after the U.N.'s top court on Monday ordered Japan to end its annual Antarctic whale hunt, saying in a landmark… Read

I hope these projects will bring opportunities for Japan not only to introduce its language and culture to a wider audience but also for mutual cultural exchange, respecting the identity of each participating nation.

Hiroyasu Ando, the president of the Japan Foundation, which will dispatch 3,000 Japanese teaching assistants to countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations until to 2020, to promote grassroots language and cultural exchange. (Yomiuri… Read

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