Other advanced countries prioritize political education. Things like mock elections should be promoted for students in Japan. If young people aren’t encouraged to participate in politics, we’ll end up with politics only for the elderly.

Shigeo Kodama, an education professor at the University of Tokyo. With the voting age in Japan likely to be lowered to 18, more schools are offering practical education in the hopes it will encourage students… Read

You never know what will happen to your mind and body with these kinds of drugs. You cannot compare 'kiken' drugs with other illegal drugs, as there are thousands of products in the ‘kiken' drug category. But 'kiken' drugs could be much more dangerous than other illegal drugs, since no one knows what they contain.

Nao Mazaki, Japan’s representative at Foundation for a Drug-Free World, saying the synthetic mash-up nature of the so-called loophole drugs ("kiken" drugs) make them especially risky. (Market Watch) Read

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