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Schools are essential in the battle against child abuse because they can confirm the safety of a child by his or her attendance. The problem, however, is that they don't like to let others intervene to resolve issues, be it bullying or child abuse.

Tsuneo Yoshida, chairman of the Japan Network for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, explaining why schools are sometimes reluctant to report signs of abuse to authorities. (Japan Times) Read

At issue is when something unpredictable happens on the sea and then the question arises of how the situation can be controlled. In terms of tsunamis, it's safer to be away from the coast but it's also more dangerous when you consider the action of waves in general the further you get from land.

Shinji Sato, a professor at the University of Tokyo who specializes in coastal engineering. A Norwegian builder of offshore oil-drilling vessels is proposing a natural gas-fired power plant that will float on a cylindrical platform… Read

As Japan and Germany emerge from the cold war, it is much harder for them to rely on the United States or other allies for their defense. They are more exposed to a range of threats…and they are being pushed by similar pressures into more prominent international roles.

Chris Hughes, professor of International Politics and Japanese Studies at Warwick University in Britain. Nearly 70 years after the end of World War II, Germany and Japan are finally loosening the last of the bonds… Read

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