There's interest on both sides of the Pacific. The tech sector is a hot space at the moment, as there's a lot of private equity stuff that people can't get access to. The Line listing has given access to a sector that's tightly held and perceived as high growth, even if the fundamental economics often don't scratch up.

Gavin Parry, managing director at Parry International Trading in Hong Kong, referring to messaging app company Line's IPO this week. Line Corp has priced its IPO at the top of its marketed range, putting the… Read

Television coverage of the election was even more lackluster also because the ruling Liberal Democratic Party pulled the wool over the public's eyes on what was truly at stake in the election. We are at a point in which we must debate whether such passive political reporting is acceptable as deliberations on constitutional amendment proceed.

Iwao Osaka, a lecturer at Komazawa University and a specialist in political communication, commenting on the fact that coverage of the July 10 upper house election by the six Tokyo-based terrestrial television broadcasters, including NHK,… Read

There is an unspoken but unanimous consensus among serious Japanese people in business, bureaucracy and politics that Trump is a disaster. Including Prime Minister Abe — though he’s never said it publicly, officially, he’s very much concerned.

Tsuyoshi Sunohara, a well-connected writer and secretary-general of the U.S.-Japan Project at the Japan Center for Economic Research, saying Japan is anxious about what will happen to the U.S.-Japan alliance if Donald Trump is elected… Read

Everyone who was working within government departments thought that what the United States was trying to do was strange, but they all stopped their critical thinking under the excuse 'This is an issue concerning the United States.'

Kyoji Yanagisawa, a former assistant chief cabinet secretary and Defense Ministry bureaucrat who served during the Koizumi administration. He spoke at a session of the Iraq War Inquiry Network, a Japanese citizens group conducting its… Read

The digitization of textbooks makes it easy to explain a logical structure, but students’ academic ability will not improve in classes if they are completely reliant on digital textbooks. The ability of instructors is important.

Yuki Aoyama, a teacher at Ogu Primary School in Tokyo's Arakawa Ward, referring to concerns over a plan to digitize textbooks. Some parents worried over the health impact on their children as well as the… Read

People have no interest in constitutional amendment. When someone calls to abolish the security legislation and prevent amendment to the Constitution at a time when China is reclaiming land in the South China Sea and North Korea is firing missiles, people will get fed up, asking 'What are you going on about?'

A veteran LDP lawmaker, saying the main opposition Democratic Party made a mistake with its strategy for the July 10 Upper House election and should be waging a verbal battle more closely related to people's… Read

U.S. Bar Exam Study Course

U.S. Bar Exam Study Course

Temple University, Japan CampusContinuing Education / MBA

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Continuing Education: Seminars and Workshops in August

Temple University, Japan CampusContinuing Education / MBA

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