I don't like the word manifesto. It has come to mean untrustworthy.

Opposition LDP leader Shinzo Abe, referring to the buzzword which all parties used during the 2009 election to describe their pledges and policies. (NHK)

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    Well when politicians use real words that are suppose to state promises and goals, of course you're not going to like it. Better to go back to pre 2009 and just lie and be vague to the public because then there wouldn't be a word that automatically shows you're untrustworthy.

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    The name of the game in politics is to be vague, so you can get as much public buy-in as possible, but also so that you can not be held responsible.

    If you said you had a "plan" then it would be obvious that you failed if it didn't work. But if you say something like "manifesto" or "platform" then it allows you to say things without being held as accountable.

    It's like saying "I believe that exercise is the best for weight loss." People would believe you even if you were fat tub of lard. But if you said something like "I plan to lose weight through exercise," then you're on the hook, buddy.

    One thing politicians loathe is being on the hook.

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    It is the politicians' broken promises that have led the word manifesto to be associated with untrustworthy. It is a perfectly good English word...

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    "Manifesto" isn't a "buzzword" any more than "table" or "coffee" are. It's a word. What other word would anyone use for....a manifesto?


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    ...not to mention grandiose.

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