If the Nuclear Regulation Authority guarantees the safety and the government concludes that there is the need, the reactors would be reactivated.

Shiga Gov Yukiko Kada, who established an antinuclear political party last week, suggesting the possibility of supporting the restart of nuclear reactors if their safety is verified. (Jiji Press)

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    She seems to turn out to be the same sad story as all japanese politicians....

    "If the Nuclear Regulation Authority guarantees the safety..."

    Amazing with what insulting nonsense japanese politicians get away with, without being laughed out of town.

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    and who guarantees the Nuclear Regulation Authority?

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    Some speeches ago, she was completely against restarting. Then the recent polls came in, and voila she changed her tone.

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    ... except in Oii City where the nuclear reactor was restarted and the government wasn't sure it was safe.

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    I was reading yesterday that the fault line under the Tsuruga atomic plant is active. I think there's only one remaining workable reactor here?

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    Apparently it's a fault near the plant - they're not sure how it affects the faults under the plant as yet.


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    A major active fault called Urazoko is already confirmed to be located around 250 meters from reactor buildings; that's pretty close, but no doubt the 'pencil sharpeners', 'eraser revisionists' and brown paper envelopes from KEPCO will soon increase the distance.

    With Japan's nuclear agencies claiming that reactors have been safe for the last 40 years, but in reality looking the other way as safety tests were fudged and geological data ignored, they are not the most credible source of information.

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