It doesn't look like a big product that can change the landscape for Japanese electronics makers is arriving anytime soon.

Masahiro Ono, an analyst at Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co in Tokyo. (Bloomberg)

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    When was the lat time an analyst at an investment bank ever made a correct prediction a future hit electronics product?

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    Once more one can see the difference between civilised first world countries and Japan.

    In Europe and even in the US people have understood that the financial world is about the last one that will be able to offer an insighty or understanding of the economical world. No banker would dare making a joke of himself by insinuating that his opinion on a subject like that could be worth anything.

    But I think the problem is more that editor of this paper has not even understood what the gentleman said. He meant: "Oh my God, future profits will not be what they were!"

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