Last year, a lot of students didn't understand that they were allowed to start job hunting before companies started their recruitment activities in December. So those who started researching industries early had an extra advantage.

Takashi Mikami, editor of Mynavi Corp, a job information provider. Job hunting officially kicked off on Saturday for university students set to graduate in spring of 2014. (Daily Yomiuri)

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    Says something about the quality of these applicants if they can't figure out on their own that job hunting is something they should take the initiative on without prodding or ecplicit instruction. Were they waiting for an engraved invitation to pursue their future?

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    Those poor souls. Nobody told them what to do. Must have been terrifying.

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    That's 2 years away. Shouldn't they be concentrating on their studies, instead?

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    So students not bothering to find things out on their own? Sounds about right.

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    Does anyone know approx what % of graduates are successfully recruited before they finish school?

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    Was about 45% last year.

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