Right now, we know that we can live without nuclear energy. It’s only because the government does not want to put the nuclear industrial complex out of business that they don’t contemplate the other solutions.

Norimichi Hattori, a spokesman for a loosely structured network of groups opposed to nuclear energy in Japan known as Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes (Newsweek)

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    I thought "Nukes" meant nuclear weapons not nuclear energy. Anyhow, you can live without electricity of any sort, but that's not the point. It should be up to the consumer not the government. If private companies want to build nuclear energy plants, they should be able to so long as they have enough customers to support themselves. Every household should have a choice between two or three energy sources. They could simply choose which one they feel comfortable with, all things considered. Leave government out of it. In fact, leave government out of everything.

    Then there would be no need for groups like this.

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    In this country, nuclear energy is a dying business. Down but not yet out!

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