There's no way to tell if a person is habitually squandering their money. They could be reported for simply playing pachinko and surveillance would extend to their daily lives.

Lawyer Tetsuro Kokubo, a member of the Osaka Bar Association, which opposes an ordinance in Ono, Hyogo Prefecture, that prohibits people who receive child-care allowances and other welfare benefits from blowing their money on entertainment such as pachinko, as well as horse racing, bicycle racing and other forms of gambling. (Mainichi Daily News)

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    Why not just issue food stamps that can't be spent on gambling, alcohol or other dastardly and immoral behaviors?

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    surveillance extend to their daily should be. They are receiving taxpayers money.

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    wait, I thought that everybody who has a child receives an allowance. And various free stuff for child care, such as health check, medicines, etc. I do, after I pay lots of taxes. I don't gamble, but I do spend a lot of money on alcohol-related entertainment. Is that illegal?

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    everyone has the right to play pachinko or buy alcohol. Why not issue food tickets (or value coupons), that can strictly be used on daily neccesities (food, clothing, etc)?

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    surveillance extend to their daily should be. They are receiving taxpayers money.

    A common misconception on the part of self-righteous rightists.

    You do realise that "they" are taxpayers in almost all cases?. Heck, I've worked here almost twenty-five years and (willingly) paid my contributions to welfare and pensions. If I were to get sick and be unable to work, I'd be entitled to support from the state, and I don't see how it's anyone's business how I use that support.

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