These women are worried they will be treated like criminals if Tokyo loses its Olympic bid.

Noriko Mizoguchi, who won a silver medal at the Barcelona Olympics and coached the French women’s judo team from 2002-2004, referring to the petition by the 15 female Olympic judoka in which they accused their coach of slapping, kicking and beating them during training. (AFP)

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    Typical Japanese mindset. The true victims are painted as the perpetrators, while the true perpetrators paint themselves as the victims.

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    This is like a domestic abuse. If these women didn't speak up, the next cycle of abuse will continue as normal. In a long run, these women will be treated as heros for speaking up and exposing the problem of some of the coaches in Japanese sports.

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    These women are HEROS and don't let anyone say otherwise.

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    These women will be heros in my book. Tokyo needs the Olympics like it needs a rampaging Godzilla attack. It would line the pockets of a few already rich corrupt leaders while robbing the rest of us of our tax money for no benefit to working class people and their lives.

    As for Japan treating these women poorly, just one more reason to argue that Japan does not treat women with respect and equality. Something shameful for the 21st century.

    Ladies, I back your courage in telling the truth. Consequences be damned, many people will love and respect you for the act of courage you have taken.

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    No, the ones who should be blamed are the coaches. Eventually this scandal would have been uncovered. The coaches should bear the full blame for doing something that they knew would bring disgrace on their sport and country.

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    Alex Einz

    whats wrong with some slapping

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    As already stated these ladies are HEROES, PERIOD!!

    The media should get their act together & start treating them as such & PRONTO ALREADY!

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    Typical Japanese mindset. The true victims are painted as the perpetrators, while the true perpetrators paint themselves as the victims.

    Got to agree with you Jeff. We`ve seen this so many times in the past. And it also says a lot about sexual equality as well. But like many people here, I think these women should hold their heads high, as they are really doing something that needs to be done.

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    What a load! Tokyo has too many other reasons why it wouldn't be a good choice for anyone to single-out the judokas revelations as the reason they get turned down. Besides, it seems to me it would be the judo COACHES who would have hurt Tokyo's chances, not the judokas.

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