To make the accreditation system work, ministries, medical officials and the whole of society need to better understand how such internationalization should reflect Japan's medical service systems and culture.

Serina Okamura, an associate professor at the International University of Health and Welfare. Few hospitals in Japan have sought an international accreditation established by the government last year for treating foreign patients, as the benefits and goal of the system are still unclear. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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    Not surprisingly really. Even this guy's quote was clear as mud.

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    That quote is has difficult to understand as trying to read a doctor's note?

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    No idea what this guy thinks.

    Could be.

    1. Maybe we don't want Japan measured against international standards.
    2. Maybe we should measure Japan against international standards.
    3. Maybe we cannot measure up to international standards.

    Could mean anything.

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    Or: maybe we should measure internationalisation against Japan's medical culture.

    With such muddled brains, no wonder the place is heading up the creek without a paddle. And who thinks about internationalisation in Japan these days? Didn't it go out with the Bubble?

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    It's typical Japanese evasive bafflegab. Could mean anything, actually means nothing.

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    The more complicated they make it sound, the more important they think it makes them.

    The LAST thing anybody wants in Japan is a level playing field so the world will REALLY know how they stack up...

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