We hope the U.S. government will send a clear message that any future trade policy with Japan must ensure a level playing field and not come at the expense of American workers.

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    You tell 'em.

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    Dear Joe Hinrichs, Ford Japan has a website, has showrooms, prices are not huge comparing to european cars and choice is possible. Do you know what the problem is? japanese people do not want your cars or american cars. They do not like them in general, they do not want to buy them, they have choice and they made their choice.

    What else do you want? Force people to buy US cars? Your statement is quite strange, people can buy your cars but they don't, so maybe...the problem is that your cars are not good. It is not like their was no Ford Japan or no Ford showroom, I even saw some of your ads in japanese magazines and websites. Please tell us what you want.

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    Nonsense, the U.S. does not want a level playing field. Farming, steel, textiles, automobile manufacturing, arms manufacturing... the list is long and varied... all of these fields are protected in the U.S, either through huge government subsidies that the taxpayers pays for ... and the stockholders and CEOs benefit from, or they're protected by levies and tariffs, often sneakily designed so that they maintain the letter of the contract while violating the spirit of the agreement, and then rely on being sued in U.S. courts where there is little or no justice for foreign companies.

    Watch and see, the U.S. will demand an "open" market from other countries while maintaining protection on its own markets. Hypocrisy.

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    What else do you want?

    Um, a lifting of all the non-tariff barriers. It's a pretty long list.

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    Steve Christian

    For the first time, I noticed a Ford dealership while driving tonight.

    I have yet to notice a Ford on the road.

    Japanese don't want them it seems to me.

    That said, I don't know if the Japanese government is taxing the dealerships and cars unfairly or if there are unfair restrictions.

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