We still don’t know what kind of measures the Abe administration plans to go forward, including on the management of remote islands . . . so I think we will have to leave (the money) as a fund for a while.

Tokyo Gov Naoki Inose, referring to the 1.48 billion yen that the Tokyo government collected in donations to buy and maintain the Senkakus. The money is lying idle despite calls from some donors for a refund. (Japan Times)

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    Another case of how nationalism provokes dumb, knee-jerk reactions. Act first, and then think later.

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    Those who donated should get it back. Otherwise it will diappear into the maw of the local government (or some high up's pocket)

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    Alex Einz

    It was probably already used ...

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    Incidentally I do not feel much compassion for those who answered Ishihara's nationalistic call, donated and lost their money -sorry, "left as a fund for a while"- in the process ...

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    Those who donated the money to Ishihara's scheme to ratchet up tension between Japan and China should donate it to those who lost income in the resulting mess.

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