Fall-out rumored between Yokozuna Asashoryu and wife

Fall-out rumored between Yokozuna Asashoryu and wife Yokozuna Asashoryu with his wife Tamir and daughter


Yokozuna Asashoryu has hinted – yet again – that he may skip this month’s sumo tournament that begins on May 10, saying that he is not emotionally prepared. The reason, some speculate, may be related to the fall-out with his Mongolian wife, Tamir. 

Ulan Bator is a bustling city where numerous foreign-funded high-rises are under construction. A few minutes from the parliament house in the center of the city stands a pink colored beauty spa where well-dressed customers can be seen coming and going. On the morning of April 10, a luxury car drove into the spa parking lot. The driver, wearing dark sunglasses, in casual attire and Coach pumps came out, speaking into two cell phones. This woman – sumo grand champion Asashoryu’s wife, Tamir – was on her way to the day spa owned by her mother.

The daughter of a top bureaucrat of the police department, Tamir attended college in Germany but had been dating Asashoryu since junior high school. After a long-distance relationship that lasted years, she married the sumo wrestler in 2002 and became a mother of two. The couple seemed happy enough at their wedding party held in August 2004 in Japan.

However, a rift in their marriage surfaced in April 2007, when Tamir took their son and daughter and flew back to Mongolia. It was reported that she left because of Asashoryu’s “physical abuse” and “problems with women.”

In the spring of 2008, the Mongolian media reported the couple was divorcing, and Tamir did not appear at the summer grand sumo tour in Mongolia that year. According to a source from Aasashoryu’s stable, the two are currently discussing alimony figures and custody of the children, and that reconciliation is unimaginable.

Their divorce is recognized as a fact in Mongolia, and headlines in the local tabloid Hos Hyn claim that an 8-room condominium was purchased by the wrestler for his ex-wife, that he is engaged to the daughter of a Mongolian mining company president, and wedding arrangements are under way.

In fact, the “ex-wife” had already moved into the luxury condo last spring. The property manager of Tamir’s previous residence commented, “Whenever Dolgi (Asashoryu) was back in Mongolia, I used to see the two together but I recall there was much shouting.”

In response to Shukan Post’s request, an executive of ASA Group, a company in Mongolia owned by Asashoryu and his family, stated, “The yokozuna says he wants to start a business in the United States after he retires from sumo. He’s even employed an American to manage the restaurant he opened in Tokyo earlier this year. The fact that his new girlfriend had been a student in the U.S. is not unrelated either.”

Tamir made a statement to Shukan Post that she had no intention of returning to Japan because “the fault is his” and added that she had nothing further to say.

Four and a half years after the grand wedding party with 800 attendees, Asashoryu’s personal life appears to be on the edge of the ring.

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    Finally, a yokozuna with a full-on life. He's become a J-celeb.

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    Oh...so now JT is a gossip column...

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    NOW??? are you kidding? thats all its ever been. And we loooove it! GO JT!! his wife looks hot. Try marriage counseling. do they have that in japan?

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    He must be so dumb to get married again. I wonder if sumo damages the brain similar to boxing!

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    If I could afford to divorce I would do it in a flash. He is lucky that he is loaded and it won't hurt him. Love is a temporary state of insanity.

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    Who cares!!!!! Is this everyones business??

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    Great - sensationalist, tabloid reporting once again.

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    Actually, this is really old news. She fled with the kids `cause he was beating the crap out of her. Roids do that you know.

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    Finally, a yokozuna with a full-on life. He's become a J-celeb.

    So will he sing naked and drunk in Roppongi, too?

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    "problems with women"

    Apparently there are a slew of men who have problems with women...

    "he wants to start a business in the United States"

    Great move - if it fails, he can get a bailout.

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    In other news: Toss Not Given.

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    looks like JT is a few years too late and everyone has moved on with their lives haha

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    Yelnats -- like the old joke says: Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's worth it.

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    Whether it be the PM, Yokozuna or the empress being at the top in Japan means you have a target on your back, everyone is out to fault you, Japan really need to embrace team leadership rather than small huddles of how we could have done better.

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    Another loser.

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    P.S. If he was beating his wife, i do not want him to win anything again.

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    Dolgi, try this next time... "Pre-Nup"

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