Trainer fumes over 19-year-old jockey’s relationship with Aki Hoshino

A new kind of obstacle race? Aki Hoshino, 32, is in a romantic relationship with JRA jockey Kosei Miura, 13 years her junior.

One jockey comments, “They’re very much in love. Miura leaves as soon as the Sunday race is over. He told me that she is a good cook and he feels comfortable being with her at her home.”

The couple met in October last year when Miura rode Hashitte-Hoshiino, named by Hoshino, in its first race. The jockey also made an appearance on a TV show hosted by Hoshino, and the two started dating in spring this year.

Miura’s mentor and trainer Michifumi Kono is outraged at the unwanted media attention and criticized Hoshino in his blog. The concern over the young jockey, though, apparently is a little more complicated.

Those associated with the horse racing business have hinted that there is an ongoing dispute between Miura and Kono. “Last fall Miura’s mother founded a company that is now managing everything related to the media – without Kono’s consent. In the horse racing community, the trainer is like a parent to the jockey.  The bond is strong between trainer and jockey, and the norm is for the trainer to manage everything from daily routines to the fees.  It’s hardly surprising that Kono feels resentful.”

And the relationship with Hoshino has made matters even worse.

Kono has refused to comment, and the entertainment agency collaborating with the company managed by Miura’s mother seemed perplexed. “It’s true that Mr Kawano was not present for the signing of the contract but he had been apprised and there shouldn’t be a problem.”

But the discord between trainer and jockey is a concern for Hoshino. It remains to be seen how the relationship will develop. 

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    (waits for comment about getting ridden like a thoroughbred)

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    Lucky jock...probably feels better than winning the Kentucky Derby.

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    Aki Hoshino is hot-to-trot!!!

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    hats off to you fella. good skills!

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    Wow! Lucky guy. Kono should be careful with what he says though because out of choice I know which one I would go for!;)

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    You don't have to marry your first time.

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    Would this even be an issue if SHE was 19 and HE was 32???

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    hmmmmm... nice.

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    Couger attacks jockey, trainer goes horse!

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    With Miura coming up the rear.

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    would love to see hoshino riding a horse at full gallop what a whallop!

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    “Last fall Miura’s mother founded a company that is now managing everything related to the media – without Kono’s consent.

    It's gonna be a disaster. Publicity stunt for a Cinderella story? Give me a break!

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    They'll have to put Kosei Miura out to stud...

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    She cooks for him, nice, but jockeys have to maintain a certain weight so they can get mounts

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    saddle up shrimp!!!!!

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    ditch the stupid trainer ha ha

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    13 years younger? hmm..when she's 60, he's only 47. at 32 she already looks like 42 (look at her hands in the pic) So at 60 she'll look 70 and he'll look 37...after doing all the calculations, and if I were her...I would rather forget about this relationship.....

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    Wasn't she kicked out of a Casino in Macau for looking like a prostitute? Despite, her manager pretending it was because she looked like a minor. She seems to be getting desperate and is looking for a celebrity wedding to boost publicity. After 30, folks here start to wonder if something is wrong if women aren't marry.

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    Jockeys are tiny wee fellas, like leprachauns.

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    at 32 she already looks like 42

    Not a great fan of Hoshino but at 32 she has the bod of a 22 year old. So at 60 she may well look 50 and he'll be 47. No difference.

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    “Last fall Miura’s mother founded a company that is now managing everything related to the media – without Kono’s consent. In the horse racing community, the trainer is like a parent to the jockey.

    This is not just in the horse racing community. This relationship exists everywhere in Japanese society. From Sumo to ballet. If an individual has exceptional talent and happens to attend a certain school or stable or work for a company etc..., it is NOT the individual who should benefit from it, but the company, studio or stable etc.. who should benefit. That is why Shuji Nakamura left his company when he wasn't given proper credit for his inventing the blue laser. His company benefitted economically from the royalties and yet he was expected to just go on receiving a salary like a typical Japanese salaryman.

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    I'm glad Miura's mother is taking things into her own hands and has decided to manage her son's media career. Good on her. The trainer should only benefit from his horse racing career, since they were the one's who taught him how to ride.

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    Headline should have read "Gay trainer is jealous"

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    Cougar attacks jockey, trainer goes horse!

    JT needs to hire you! :D

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