Bonds, Clemens rejected; no one elected to baseball Hall of Fame

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    Just as it should be !

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    Mike Piazza will be the bellwether. He has the HOF offense numbers among catchers and his name is not in any list with PEDs, but there are rumors surrounding him. If rumors are enough to bar him, then the others have no chance. But if he eventually rises up and gets in, then the trend is softening.

    Nevertheless, this non-election year creates a backlog. Writers are only allowed to vote 10 names max. Next year, Greg Maddux, Glavine, Mussina, and Frank Thomas, among others come up. That means some names that they voted deserving this year would have to be unfortunately left out next year, just because of the backlog.

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    Good for them. Just because there is a Hall of Fame doesn't mean people have to be added every year. Let's face it, there have been times when baseball was... lackluster.

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