British woman makes marathon history in bionic suit

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    Darryl Woodrow

    Good on her!

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    There is no limit to the human spirit.

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    Very disappointed in the race organisers that they wouldnt give her a medal anyway. Very impressed by the dozen or so that sent theirs. Good on her.

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    Alex Einz

    Thats the spirit!

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    But a dozen other runners in the race have given her their own medals in recognition of her achievement.


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    Absolutely wonderful achievement.

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    Give her the medal, amazing feat by anyone's standards!

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    I can't wait for the all assisted Olympics. Never could understand why they don't have certain events for technology like this. There was the guy with the kangaroo shoes and now we have the bionic suit. It would make great viewing.

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    Clinton Walton

    True british spirit. Well done

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    There is no limit to the human spirit.

    There is no limit to metal legs either.

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    Stuart Walden

    Let us lend a thought to those paralyzed people who are not affluent enough to warrant sponsorship to complete the London Marathon.

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    Erik Lars

    True british spirit. Well done

    @Clinton Walton What does being British have to do with it?

    How about.. "I walked on the MOON." -American guy

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    Good on her for showing that with determination you can succeed even if your disabled.

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    designed by Israeli entrepreneur Amit Goffer

    This guy's also a hero. Without forward looking entrepreneurs, none of this would be possible. While it may be expensive now, imagine ten or twenty years in the future when they are cheap enough for all disabled people to afford.

    Also, one aspect of Ms. Lomas' Hero-ness is that she didn't waste any time switching professions. Despite being paralyzed, she took it upon herself to learn another trade and still be a productive member of society. She easily could have gone on disability, and none of this would have happened.

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