Car crash injury forces Miyazato out of Singapore tournament

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    I read that Susann Pettersen was slightly injured but it didn't say if they were in the same car or in different cars. I hope she get well soon but with golfers, it's better to make sure your 100% or you could end your career early.

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    I hope all injured make a 100% recovery. Pain from whiplash can come and go for the rest of one's life.

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    "Get well, get well soon. We wish you to get well!"

    Not a whole lot of info on the accident, but I'm glad they all walked away without serious injury and hope they're back on their feet and playing again before too long. Yeah, it must be heartbreaking for Ai not to be able to compete, but she's playing it safe, and that's probably the best thing to do.

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    Now is the time to reach down deep.. to let your body heal along with your spirit.. soak in salt water.. nature has a way of caring for those who care for nature and golfers are closest to nature of any athletes.. Aloha and healing to those involved in this freak accident.. it was not your fault.. you will come back.. if Adrian Petterson can come back physically and mentally.. and spiritually to do what he did in 7 months.. with his injury.. what does not kill you will make you strong.. know that we all love and respect you and together.. we will walk the green fairways of life together.

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    Car crash in Bangkok? They are lucky to walk away from it.

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    There's a rail link from the airport. I don't know why so many people in Bangkok opt for expensive, time-consuming taxis and limousines when they get back and forth quicker, cheaper -- and much safer -- on the train.

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    Yes, they call them the flying taxis for a good reason. I prefer to ride the sky train if possible. I stay in the back seat by all means. Hoe they have a speedy recovery.

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    Here is the P for "hope"

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    John Becker

    JeffLee and avigator: have you ever boarded a train with several pieces of luggage and several sets of golf clubs?

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