Cubs finalize $9.5 mil, 2-year deal with Fujikawa

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    “There’s going to be an adjustment,” Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said. “We’re crazy to think he’s going to go right into the season and have no issues. Things will come up. We know that’s a part of it.”

    meaning : low cost pitcher.

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    Well, at least it aint the Cubs......Oh wait, it IS the Cubs!

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    Too bad he didn't make the move to the Major Leagues several years ago when he was in top form. He would have been a sensation. Now at 32, he's already had "injuries" and it's doubtful that he will reach his previous top form. Anyway, hope he does well with the Cubbies ... and at the old Wrigley Field ... the only place where I ever caught a foul ball.

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    Hanshin Tigers are "baka" for letting him go for nothing.No wonder he's getting silly money.

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