Darvish outduels Kuroda, striking out 10, as Rangers down Yankees 2-0

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    Well done. Yu's ERA since his disastrous first inning in his first game is an outstanding 1.08

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    A few more games like this and Darvish will be spending his days off sitting with the Bush family in a plush suite at Rangers stadium.

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    Very very good game. Congratulations Darvish from Japan. I get a day off to watch this game, and I am very satisfied with both Darvish and Kurodas' performance. I wish both also played well in next games.

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    Give credit where credit is due; Yu did a great job! That is a tough line up, the Yankees have, and it didn't seem to faze him at all. Cool! ERA is down, but pitch count is still up. Hope he stays healthy the whole season!

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    He can do it, and I'm extremely glad to see he seems to be getting into the groove of it. As suspected, it was nerves at the beginning. Let's hope he can keep it up.

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    Jackson Harder

    > A few more games like this and Darvish will be spending his days off sitting with the Bush family in a plush suite at Rangers stadium. >

    I know you're joking but just FYI, every time Bush is shown at a Ranger game he's sitting in the first or second row from the field on the first base side, right by where Nolan Ryan sits, not in a "plush suite". Back when Bush owned a very small % of the team in the 90s he'd sit in the same seats, even when it was 100 degrees out, instead of sitting in the air conditioned owner's suite. Not saying Bush is a great guy, but he is a real baseball fan.

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    This is the first time Yankees faced Darvish. Usually the quality pitcher has the advantage because hitters doesn't know what is coming to them. It's a long season, and Yankees other teams will adjust to what Darvish can do. One thing that was diffferent on this game was that umpire had a wider strike zone, but at the same time, Darvish was getting all the pitches working well. It benefited Darvish on close pitches. First two games that Darvish pitched, the umpire was squeezing the strike zone, resulted in a high pitch count.

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    Excellent! Darvish has the stuff to succeed in the MLB.

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    I think Darvish is one of the best baseball players I've ever seen. Just amazing. It's easy to see Texas going to the World Series again this year.

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    awesome, skankees lose. well done Yu good thing!

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    The kid is earning his keep. Good job.

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    Fantastic performance by Darvish. But before we give the kid the Cy Young award, let's wait and see how he does in June and July, when he's facing lineups for the second and third time. Teams will have had a look at him, there will be more scouting on him, he won't be an unknown quantity. If he's as successful then, we'll know he's the real deal.

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    Gaijin - Yeah? Where should he play then?

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    Give credit where credit is due; Yu did a great job!

    Agreed. The sports media here in the U.S. are very high on Darvish. Some say he could be the Rangers #1 starter by the end of the year if he keeps up this kind of pitching. They are all raving about how many types of pitches he can throw, and for strikes. Good for Japan to have something positive to focus on in what is likely to be a long, hot summer.

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    Well, it's too early to call. We already knew he had the right stuff to pitch, and pitch well, in the majors. The question marks should all be answered by mid-August. That's still a long way away. Control, stamina and keeping the opposing hitters off-balance all season: those are the factors that will tell his story.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Man I do not even like baseball nor texas but I am very happy and proud of YU DARVISH and sorry but I HATE THE YANKEES!! NY anybody that beats A Rod etc..they are good in my book!

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Last night seeing the crummy look on A Rod's face after getting struck out by YU DARVISH was just PRICELESS!! I think I am gonna ask my tia out in Austin to send my Texas Rangers hats and stuff to show off here in TOKYO!!

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    Just for comparison, here's the individual game pitching performance scores so far this season:

    Yuu's at 77/100, currently 25th.

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    10 K's. Yankees lose, in Tex-ayass. Luvin it.

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    I think he is too good of a player to play in the U.S.

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