Ferrari question FIA over Vettel maneuver during Brazilian Grand Prix

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    The mud slinging continues. It'll be interesting to see what happens as the deadline is today, November 30th.

    He was cleared of the other pass on Kamui, but this is "new" footage from Vettel's on-car camera that wasn't shown during the live event. It clearly shows him passing Verne under flashing yellow lights.

    The only remaining question is whether a green flag had been waved on the track just before this new section of footage that has been posted on YouTube.

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    The real question now must be why the flashing yellows were not turned off immediately the green flag was waved?

    So what should drivers do if there is an incident straight after a waved green flag?

    Imagine you have seen the waved green flag, so you accelerate, and then there is an accident ahead. You see the flashing yellows. What do you do?

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    Kobuta Chan

    Rule is rule. Rule for all teams and all drivers. FIA has show double standard in many occasion. Rule needs to reenforce.

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