Fists fly in Canada's win over Mexico at WBC

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    Insane. I've never seen a pitcher throw at a batter 3 times in a row....

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    Surf O'Holic

    That pitcher deserves a full beat-down since his actions were intentional.

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    Lucky the game wasn't in Mexico. I don't think the Canadians would've made it out alive. Mexicans have the dirtiest fans alive. Ask any soccer fan ... Glad to see the double win for Canada.

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    Ususally this stuff breaks out on HNIC but base ball...........

    Will have to check youtube see if I can how this happened

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    The Canadians thought they were playing hockey ?!? Spot on, jforce, lucky it wasn't in Mexico !

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    When I read the headline I thought thet were talking about a soccer match.

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    It's a problem with the rules. Runs count, so teams try to run up the score (e.g. Canada's 14-4 loss to Italy). Notice who showed a lack of class in each of their losses. Hopefully the Mexican's learned something; as manager Ernie Whit said, "You can't hurt the Canadians!".

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    MeanRingo - "It's a problem with the rules. Runs count, so teams try to run up the score "

    That's right. Afterwards, the coach of the Mexican team said he was well aware of the rule, and his players (the 3d baseman and the pitcher) should have known better. However, the Mexican coach didn't do anything to diffuse after the first hit batter. That maximum runs rule, BTW, is unique to the WBC.

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    Your not playing Hockey Canada!

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    No idea how Canada that got killed by Italy????? Could come back and win against Mexico!! Mexico just beat team USA!!! Anyway, bad drunk fans in Pheonix seemed to be a big part of this whole mess!! Sems they need to prohibit alcohol sales!! Beer bottles are not allowed to be sold or anything in Mexico's stadiums so the USA needs to get tougher on this sort of thing! Venezuela and Spain, both 0-2, were eliminated along with Mexico. Spain?? Baseball??

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    "Tournament officials said they would review the incident to see if further penalties like suspensions were warranted."

    Ummm... I think it's pretty clear the actions of the third baseman and pitcher, as well as the Mexican coach (or lack of action) deserve a whole lot further penalty.

    KariHaruka: It wasn't Canada who started it, obviously.

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    I didn't realise that rounders could be so violent. This WBC is anyway a bit of a non-event as MLB is not represented......

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    KariHaruka: It wasn't Canada who started it, obviously.

    Unable to understand the joke about linking Canada, fighting and their national sport Hockey?

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    It's run-differential, not runs-scored, that's the tie-breaker.

    The same score-differential tiebreaker that the Football World Cup uses.

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