Free agent Morgan signs with BayStars

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    Wow, the Baystars got two players for the price of one. Nyjer comes with an alternate personality, "Tony Plush."

    He did have a good year in 2011, and the Baystars will take any help they can get to drag themselves out of last place.

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    The BayStars have three power hitters ... but unfortunately age has caught up with Ramirez and Blanco seems to be headed toward the downhill road, too. Problem is ... the rest of the team can't hit anything ...

    All in all, root somewhat haphazardly for the Yokohama boys as am getting tired of seeing them being the whipping post for the other teams and always ending up deep in the cellar.

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    couldnt care less about the snoozefest of Japanese baseball but Morgan should be interesting. He has a screw loose.

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