Japan announces final 28-player squad for World Baseball Classic

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    It is good that Ichiro concentrate on being with the Yankees.. he has done his job fulfilled his duty with honor and distinction.

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    Go get'em boys! V3!!!

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    Looking forward to another Classic. Too bad all of the stars don't feel the need to come out for this one. I guess the WBC needs time to grow. Exciting baseball.

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    Darvish and Ichiro. Boohoo. THis is what is wrong with WBC. Clubs not allowing players to play for their countries. It would be better to have someone else organize WBC. An international body. THis is ridiculous.

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    Clubs couldn't prevent them from playing (though clubs and managers could express their opinion). They just decided not to play. And there's no international baseball federation worth noting.

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