Kameda to defend WBA bantamweight title against Pareio

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    Seems he's grown up a bit...

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    When is he going to fight OUTSIDE of Japan? Boxing on your home turf for every one of your bouts is lame and suspicious.

    I'd like to see him getting his block knocked off while being surrounded by thousands of Mexicans that are screaming their heads off and cheering for the other guy. Big difference.

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    Pareio is ranked pretty low at No. 8 although he appears to have a good 12-1 record. But he'll probably be another easy pushover ... as most of the other foes seemed to be. As Speed says above, wonder how Kameda ... or either of his two boxing brothers ... would fare against really good opponents outside Japan?

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    I hope Pareio beats up Koki real good.

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    Speed: No kidding!

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