Kobayashi sets up website to try and raise F1 funds

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    Akemi Mokoto

    I hope he can do it.

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    Me too. Would you send money to a Kamui supposrt website, though?

    It would be great if Honda could get involved, but maybe they feel he has been 'tainted' by the original Toyota association!?!? He may need to go to Tokyo and walk the company round.

    Good luck Kamui!

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    Kobuta Chan

    He is a talent driver but being Asian driver it's disadvantage for him. Once I heard on BBC, David Coulthard said Kobayashi as no talent Japanese driver when everyone from Sir Jackie Steward to David Coulthard cheering up Romain Grojean who has involving in many crashes and some fans calling him crash king. At Sauber, his car is least reliable compare to his partner car and not as good as his partner Perez car but he still manage to get on podium in Japan GP. Kobayashi is better driver than Perez but Perez has load of gold on his back and he got sign by McLaren. Renault - NIssan is engine supplier to Lotus and Williams. I think Carlos Ghosn should help Kobayashi for Lotus seat.

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    Kobuta Chan, Kobayashi to Lotus? Support from Nissan? Good idea! Come on Carlos, where are you? :-)

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