Mao Asada's mother dies while daughter on her way back from Canada

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    this is sad news!!! mao! T___T

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    RIP..too young.

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    All our thoughts and prayers go out to Mao and her family at this sad, sad time. Death is not the end. When someone we loves dies, we gain an angel to watch over us for te rest of our lives. We will meet them again, in another place.

    R.I.P Kyoko Asada.

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    48 is way too young. My Mum was 50, and I didn't get back in time, either. I think I can understand how Mao feels right now. I have no words of consolation, except RIP, Mao's Mum.

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    My sympathy and prayers to the family.So sad news.

    RIP Kyoko Asada

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    Vernie Jefferies

    My heart goes out to Mao and her family. So sad to lose your mom and best inspiration.

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    So sad news...It doesn't matter how old one is, the passing of a parent is always a devastating experience. 48 is way too young though....I hope Mao will not retire from skating despite her sadness, because I'm sure her mom would want her to continue....

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    Sad news. What's more sad is to think that no amount of money could buy health. I wonder if she had had a stressful life. My friend passed away from the same situation. She had a very stressful life.

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    I think I can also understand how Mao feels, I didn't get back in time either.

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    this is so sad.. :((

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    I hope this time fuji tv not practice bullyng against Mao Asada.

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    How sad, for anyone, especially when so close to each other. I and our family certainly look forward to your continued expression and desire on the ice when you are ready to come back.

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    Jack Stern

    It's sad when anyone dies that is close to you especially when they are still in their prime of life.

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    Tragic and sad.

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    Hard to find words. Mao & Mai are for sure devastated. So close to there mother. My heart goes out to them, all the family and especially to all who love Japanese & World figure skating.

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    Kieran Byfield

    My condolences.

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    Mao is such a sweet girl! I wish her and her family the best! Go Mao!

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    R.I.P Kyoko Asada and hope Mao will retire from figure skating soon.

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    48 years old is way to young to die of liver cirrhosis. this is a slowly developing disease.

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    First, condolences to the Asada family. I am close to the same age as her mother and it's always disheartening to hear about people who die at such a young age.

    In the article it said that she died of cirrhosis of the liver, I wonder if she was on a donor list for a liver transplant, but whether she was or not I would hope that her death will not be in vain and more people here would become aware about organ donor cards and the chance of helping to keep others alive.

    Even if one person signs a donor card it could make a difference in someone else's life. And that might help to ease some of the grief that the family is feeling right now.

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    May she rest in peace and sincere condolences and best wishes to Mao. Hopefully she can come back mentally from this, and even manage to find additional strength. Twenty-one years old is much too young to lose one's parent, especially when she's so much in the public eye and has constant demands on her.

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    This is so sad... RIP Kyoko Asada. I hope Mao chan will come back from this tragic experience stronger than ever.

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    48 is too young to die. :(

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    Kirino Mario

    We are deeply sorry to hear this tragedy sad news about Mao's 48 year old young mom. Her sudden death was a great shock to all of us. Our deepest sympathy and prayer to Mao's family and friends.

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    Sweet lord... as if it weren't bad enough the woman had cirrhosis of the liver at 48, poor Mao couldn't make it back before she passed away. WAY too young to die, especially like that. RIP.

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    so much sad news this week and now to wake up to hear about Mao's mom...noo :(. Life just to short.. I pray for you Mao!

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    Was her mom a heavy drinker or just happened?

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    It can just happen. Sad to hear that Mao couldn't make it back in time.

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    This is just tragic. There are no words that can console Mao, Mai and their family over their loss. R.I.P.

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    What a sad situation for Mao to lose a mother who was still so young. Viral hepatitis can also result in cirrhosis. The government was very lax about products made from blood until recently. They blame infection on imported products. In fact until HIV emerged, schoolchildren in Japan used to be lined up and given immunisations with the same needle, simply wiped off with alcohol between injections. That's why one sees cases of viral hepatitis and liver cancer in otherwise seemingly healthy people. There's a leukaemia-causing virus which is spread the same way as HIV that is endemic in Japan for that reason. A famous actor and actress died young of leukaemia about 20 to 30 years ago, but still nobody talks about how they might have contracted it. I remember when AIDS became an issue, people here were terrified of foreigners, without recognising that their own medical procedures were already spreading death through other viruses.

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    I got minuses on my comment? Why? Don't you want to know how a health lady can suddenly die of a bad liver? Or it's bad manners to talk of the dead?

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    They blame infection on imported products. In fact until HIV emerged, schoolchildren in Japan used to be lined up and given immunisations with the same needle, simply wiped off with alcohol between injections.

    My aunt told me about that and I was like Whhhhaaaaaaat!? It's crazy!

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