Matsui to retire as a Yankee in July

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    He did a fine job and usually came through in the clutch. Wish I could attend that game.

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    Otsukaresama, Godzilla !

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    Matsui is a paragon of sportmanship. You've got to respect a man who snaps his wrist when fielding a hit, then manages to still complete the play before collapsing in pain. I can't tell how sick I am of players in sports like soccer and football faking injuries for strategic purposes. But beyond that, he's humble. Yeah, the baseball world knows he's good at what he does, but he never let on that he ever thought he was. That kind of modesty is sorely lacking in professional sports today. He'll aways be Godzilla to me.

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    Great player - fantastic ambassador for Japan. One of the only players I could watch baseball for! Well played, sir!

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    Great job Godzilla!

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