Nishikori advances to 4th round of Australian Open

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    Good on Mr Nishikori! This could well be his major to win - Baghdatis and Ferrer are beatable. Can a Japanese person win a tennis major? Let's wait and see next week...

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    Great job !

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    Way to go, Kei-san ! Keep up the good work !

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    @Burakumindes I hate to break it to you, but you obviously have no idea about the game , in the last 40 or so majors which only happen 4 times a year there have only been six players who have taken a major ,the majority being either Federer or Nadal.. To win a major you have to win seven matches consecutivily,best of 5 sets, that,s tough.. It,s good to be optimistic ,but you have to be realistic,Nishikori,s good ,but he,s not that good to win a major..

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