Nishikori sees new generation threatening 'Big Four'

Picture expired. Kei Nishikori returns a shot against Peter Polansky of Canada in their men's singles match at the Davis Cup World Group first round tie in Tokyo on January 31, 2014 AFP

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    Exactly, Kei-san ! Exactly ! Please do your best to be a part of that new generation ! Ganbarre, Kei-san !

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    The last few years has given us three players, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, who will be considered among the all-time greats. It's been difficult for anyone outside this trio apart from Murray ( only twice ) to win a slam. Players like Nishikori are good but not on the same planet as the three I mentioned. That's not a criticism of him or others, it's just the reality that maybe the new generation will have to wait until they are past their best. Federer already is and Nadal seems to have ongoing injury worries. Their time will come.

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    Djokovic one of the all-time greats ? Jumping the gun perhaps a bit ?

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    Yeah, yeah! It may happen someday but no time soon if they are all healthy. Wawrinka played well but a healthy Nadal puts a hurting on him. Sorry Kei but you won't sniff a championship in the next 5 years unless they all end up lame. Just living in reality, folks.

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    I dislike including Murray as some part of a "big four". He's won two grand slams (plus the olympics) and all of that has been in the past two years. People have referred as part of the "big four" even before he won his second major. He's not part of a big four. If anything, I feel like he's more a symptom of the breakthrough against the "big three". Yes, he may be leading the pack, but I feel like we're lumping him in on the wrong side of this trend.

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