Olympic medalists urged to lobby IOC for wrestling

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    I'm not a wrestling fan at all, but I would rather it in the Olympics than several others I can think of. I hope the wrestlers get their act into gear and do something about it.

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    It's funny, Japan treats this as a swipe at Japan by the IOC, and the U.S. is treating it as a swipe at the U.S. by the IOC. Donald Rumsfeld wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post a few days back taking the IOC to task for wanting to remove wrestling from the Olympics. I'm going to have to go on record as stating that this is the FIRST time I have ever agreed with anything Donald Rumsfeld has ever said or written.


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    Kevin McLachlan

    Without wrestling in the Olympics, Japan can now expect to battle it out for 30th spot in the medal tally, against the likes of New Zealand, Vietnam, and North Korea.

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