Oprah promises tough grilling of Lance Armstrong

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    Who cares whether Lance Armstrong used drugs. His athletic accomplishments are meaningless compared to his gift of hope to humans. Everyone is aware of cancer but few people devote their lives to doing something about it. In reality many professional, successful cyclist use many forms of doping because of the rigorous physical demands of the sport and the riches and fame that come. The ones who don't get caught are the ones who stay one step ahead of the testing technology. Of course Lance Armstrong is a famous public figure, so everyone is jumping on him. I think we should take this as a lesson and continue to discourage athletes from using drugs in all professional sports. Look at factors than can lead to increased doping. Look at sports that don't have major problems and see if we can do more research and learn from them. In cycling there are so many effective approaches available that is ready to break the rules and maybe if you don't cheat you don't stand a chance, That's something that needs to be fixed.

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    The only "tough grilling" she knows is when there's a couple of bad tenderloins on the fire. Daytime TV hosts and hostesses are soft but we'll see.

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