Philippines scours U.S., Japan for baseball talent

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    Ms. Alexander

    Not sure how many they can recruit but I wish them well!

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    The Filipinos does not really care much about other sports. They prefer basketball and boxing. This is the main reason they don't win medals in Olympics.

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    Ms. Alexander

    I disagree. Soccer and baseball are big sports there too. They just don't have enough money or simply just don't invest enough in sports.

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    It's not only the Phillippines that is doing this. Other WBC countries are doing it as well. And, it's not only happening in baseball, but also in other sports. Also, it's not just men, women do it as well.

    The chance to play internationally can be quite tempting even if your connection to a particular country is questionable at best. Think of all the Olympic athletes, Japanese olympians included, over the years who have changed nationalities because they had no chance of being selected for their home countries teams.

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