Saitama to host Tour de France event

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    I think this event could be a big success and I hope I'll be in Tokyo to see it. But it's almost always about money. If the organizers put up a lot, they will come.

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    Tour de France ? Or "Tour du Japon" ?

    inviting some 50 top cyclists to the "All Stars" exhibition

    So what has this to do with :

    Saitama Prefecture has more bicycles per head of population

    Are they going to lend them to the "All Stars" ?

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    I find it a little surprising that there is not an established professional cycling event or even a circuit of races in Japan. Even here in the usa where almost no one uses a bicycle except for exercise, we have the Tour of California and other races around the country.

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    Tour de Saitama? I hope nothing awkward happens.

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    Agree with edbardoe...this is a bike mad country. Surprising there are not organized annual races...or there may be but I just don't know. Don't see ads for them in my local gear-head bike shops...

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    @Edbardoe & Ranger_Miffy2

    The lack of formal events might have something to do with Japan having only 2-3 months of decent cycling weather in a year. The rest of the time is either too cold, or too hot or too wet; not particularly conducive to proper training. That said, I know a couple of Japanese who do semi regular Triathlon events.

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    There IS a Tour of Japan cycling event:

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    50 bicyclists on Japanese roads vs. Japanese truck drivers... Oh the humanity!

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