Amazon fends off Apple claim to 'appstore' name

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    The term "app store" has already fallen into the public domain, more so than even xerox (replacement for copy) by a lot. Not to mention Apple has no legal grounds because they run a closed system and it's impossible for anyone to be "fooled" (since there is no way to install without apple's store)

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    If Apple had their way, we'd all be eating "that round, red fruit" or else paying for the right to say "apple"...

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    Next apple will sue supermarkets for selling "apples"

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    "Appel" spelt wrong for fear on being sued, will if they havent already file patents for anything with the word Appel in it, Appel pie, Appel juice, etc etc damn if they had a mind reading machine we all have to pay royalties for even thinking about Appels

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    APPLE! there I said it, ill be expecting a cease-and-desist order in the mail very soon.

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    Tough one, really. On the one hand it's pretty clear Amazon, with their pathetic Kindle, is trying to live off Apple, but on the other hand basroil is right -- it has become a word in the language more than it has been a product. Say "Jello", say "bandaid"; you're never going to think of them as company names. Apple should just be trying to get the message out, from an advertising point of view, that they started what is now a household term.

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    James Botham

    Pathetic Kindle? ever user one out of interest? beats the hell out of any tablet for doing what it was designed for wait for it.... READING!!! you know them book things.

    No eye strain, can carry a ton of books with you and when your a techy like me that is ideal as my Cisco books way a ton each and the ability to have a shed load of them on one device is a god send when travelling.

    I admit the tablet style Kindle's are not really living to the original idea but the eink readers do and are fantastic.

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    @smithinjapan: Do your homework, the kindle came out 3 years before the ipad.

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