Apple CEO promises investors 'great stuff' to come

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    Peter Payne

    The problem is that 80% or something of AAPL shares are held by large hedge funds, not Joe investor like you or me. When they decide that everyone else has decided to be bearish for a while, it becomes a reality. With China growing, Apple's stores better than ever and lots of loyal customers, I am thinking of buying more shares.

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    Whatever this iStuff is I want it and I'm going to queue outside the store all night to get it.

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    Unless he comes out with a phone powered by unicorn farts and can calculate the ultimate question, I doubt anything they come up with will be novel enough or even competitive in the market.

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    And Samsung will look at what they have made and then do it better and cheaper.

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    Apple is Apple, whatever they do will be unique and people will be eager to have it.

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    Apple is a one- trick pony.

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