Apple expected to show fresh software, new Macs

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    I have not done Lion in my Macs Yet. Curious about Mt. Lion.

    One frustrating aspect of new macs is that most will not have super drives. Frustrating situation when I have Logic 8 and Photoshop Cs5 on disk.****

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    I really don't like what Apple has done with their flagship video editing program. Final Cut Pro 4 was the best tool I've ever used for editing video. It was easy to use and the features, such as chroma key, were easy to figure out. FCP 10 looks like a freaking video game. Video editing is not supposed to be "cool." The end product is.

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    JapanGal, you can always buy an USB3.0 bluray writer, they are not that expensive and will allow bluray recording (but not playback, since it's a Mac, but will be fine in Windows mode).

    I would hardly say that microsoft is on a parallel course, they are developing an entirely different solution that removes iOS and Android tablets from the equation. It will be very nice to see the new hybrid tablets eat up market share and in fact create more market. All industries will be able to use it, which is why it may be the second computer revolution (first being commercialization of the internet).

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