Apple tailoring cheaper iPhone model: reports

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    LostinNagoyaJan. 10, 2013 - 06:45AM JST


    Yup, rumors that if true would mean the death of the iPhone brand. They have always focused on being a premium brand, and without the price premium they will simply be another brand. I don't think even tim cook is stupid enough to undercut their own products, they learned their lesson with the minis.

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    The iPhone is too expensive for what it provides. Samsung proved that. Time for Apple to come back to reality and start competitively pricing their products rather than trying to sue any competition in courts.

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    The only rumour I think has some ground is the release of the next iPhone iteration, be it #6 or 5S, next May or June. I hope this one is true, as I will upgrade from my current 4S.

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    Knox Harrington

    No they won't.

    I just can't see Apple going down that slippery path of trying to "appeal" to every person in the world. Because what's next? One Laptop per Child? No chance.

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