Boeing stands by lithium-ion batteries

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    Boeing need to make the right choice, and not be swayed by whatever Airbus announces.

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    “Our years of experience and deep expertise confirm that, like other technologies, when the appropriate battery, system and airplane protections are in place, lithium-ion batteries deliver significant benefits,”

    It's a shame they never bother with these other things, then.

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    I wouldn't stand by these things. They could overheat and explode. I know, bad joke, but I couldn't resist.

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    Airbus has to change battery types. There's too much of a cloud around them and it becomes a risk where the FAA could hold up operating certificates if they use Li-on batteries. Airbus then is in the position where they have to depend on Boeing getting things kosher with the FAA. Using alternative batteries doesn't preclude them from using Lion later on to save weight later on. Since they are using a full bleed system they need far less batteries than the 787. It's a logical move.

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    Lithium-ion batteries require huge maintenance and proper handling otherwise such short-circuits occur.

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    Boeing realizing now that changing batteries would not make the plane safer and one can guess the trawlers will have final say regarding this when its time to purchase plane tickets.

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