Fujitsu develops simulation technology to model shopper movement


Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd has developed a simulation technology that models customers’ behavior as they shop, making it possible to visualize the complex circumstances surrounding crowding in stores.

The new development applies social simulations to the real-world business problem of a retail store layout design. In a retail store, the layout and number of cash registers can have a significant impact on crowding. Although queuing theory has long made it possible to analyze waiting times in lines at cash registers, it has not been possible to grasp the ways that the layout of a store can effect in-store crowding.

By modeling the behavior of shoppers at cash registers, the technology reproduces the conditions that lead to crowding. This makes it possible to compare crowding levels under different conditions and to understand the factors that cause crowding, enabling informed decisions based on more information.

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    Need one model for how men shop, and one for women.

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    for exports? shopping crowds not visible in Japan anymore.

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    Need one model for how men shop, and one for women.

    Just did the work for Fujitsu.

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    Fujitsu is about a decade too late on this one. Not sure how they plan on getting any leverage in the international markets considering other companies have been around longer and have better data for model improvements.

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    Korlacan Khanthavilay

    I follow lostrune2's model. When I go buy something, I go buy that one thing, then leave. Last weekend, I needed detergent and an ice scrapper. In 10 mins, I walked in, picked up my 2 items, paid, then walked out. Would have been quicker, if not for the 3 people in front of me at the register.

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