Google effort fails to curb music piracy: industry

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    Very strange.... just think what the real situation must be like. No matter who I talk to, I have never met anyone who said he uses Google to find it.....

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    I've found out about lots of good torrent sites thanks to the publicity generated when the RIAA tries to get them banned.

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    It will never get harder to find free music online. It will only get easier and easier. The days when the record industry could charge 3000 yen for a new CD are over. People can access any song they want at any time.

    What I keep noticing is that younger people even find of the concept of "music ownership" as kind of outdated. They just stream everything via Youtube for free and would never even consider the need to "own" music. It's a huge losing battle the RIAA is fighting, yet we all pretend like they really might succeed or that this is something we should all feel guilty about ... in 2013.

    Good luck with that. Technology moves on and replaces old business models. Evolve or perish. Their only strategy is to try to break the technological innovations and/or sue their customers. Meanwhile, Youtube has started paying royalties because people love streaming. In the future, I predict people won't "download" much of anything, for pay or free.

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    RIAA are idiots. Blaming google is like blaming the 'street' because drug dealers carry out their business there.

    RIAA are guilty of failing to adapt to the changing world, sticking strongly to the old model that made the lots of $$$ is long gone.

    Why can't we get Rdio in Jpan, what about Pandora? Spotify? I heard they are coming, but too damn slow and too late to the party.

    At the least itunes provides a modern service, though itself itunes itself sucks and I loathe to give any money to apple. I want as close to 100% of any proceeds go directly to the artist.

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    These idiots missed their opportunity a long time ago. The snobbish media completely disregarded torrent sites and they are paying a heavy price. Think of the distribution and getting your product out there! If they only would of paid them off from the get go (for pennies like they always do) this would not be an issue now.

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    RIAA have no eff idea, more and more of these sites are moving to countries where even the US gov cannot control, eg China/Russia. sites in these countries will never be closed down unless the US gov offers some meaningful incentive for them.

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    who do you think keeps track of our real lives...our internet overlords: Facebook and Google. Or Big Sis and Big Brother.

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    Um.....can't you just download music from Google's YouTube site?

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