Hitachi still in talks on Lithuania nuclear project

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    The lithuania project isn't just one tiny plant, it's enough energy for three countries to meet their kyoto protocol commitments without drastic cutbacks.

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    SS Abe

    But the new plant is also contingent on the neighboring countries -- and there is enough anti-nuclear opposition in the countries neighboring Lithuania to make the plan even more financially risky. Hitachi is taking big risks lately.

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    SS Abe

    On June 21, the Lithuanian Parliament approved a construction contract between its government and Hitachi-GE for an ABWR (1,384 MW). Construction plans for the Visaginas Nuclear Plant, close to the border of Latvia and Belarus, aim for completion in 2021. Latvia and Estonia will also receive electricity and are being requested to bear a part of the cost burden. It is planned to conclude the official contract after the investment amounts are approved. Hitachi, the nuclear plant's operating company has also become an investor, and should the investment figure for the three countries decrease then Hitachi's burden will increase. Some of the surrounding countries also have anti-construction movements, and thus this is a major risk for Hitachi.

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    Okay, so people don't like coal, natural gas, oil, or nuclear power. Why don't they just go live in caves and leave the sane people alone?

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