Microchip maker Renesas reportedly to cut 6,000 jobs

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    Even with the life destroying discarding of people's lives, who made serious sacrifices for the COMPANY, have my doubts it can continue...other than the use of off shore company affiliates. How many spouses are now regretting their choice of partner?

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    All these guys are failing miserably as they get their butts kicked by the Taiwanese and Chinese chipset makers.

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    So, how many large Japanese companies have cut their workforce by a few thousand in recent months? A dozen? More? Yet, the J-gov are still quoting strong figures for the unemployment rate. Now, we know why. The companies are forcing people to take early retirement, which does not effect the unemployment rate. It just increases the number of people relying on a failing pension system.

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    And the hallowing out of Japan continues unabated. Bye, bye Japan Inc. Your isolation and arrogance are catching up with you at lightning speed.

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    I like that, "hallowing out" :-D

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    Everything seems to be getting better.

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    yep as Japanese chip makers were procrastinating for the last 20years Korean Tawanese chip manufactures were busy expanding producting & reducing costs, now you can see what the end result is for Japan Inc

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