Microsoft slams Google on 'proper' YouTube app

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    Reinaert Albrecht

    I repeat: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." M$ is apparently in the one but last stage.

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    I smell a rat, and in microsoft's camp

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    So M$ how does it feel to be on the outside looking in? Enjoy it, you screwed everyone around for so long that now Karma has its turn with you. I am truly enjoying seeing M$ yapping & jumping around like a little bitch dog in a tutu trying to get attention as it gets drawn under a steamroller to its death.

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    Well, considering google docs has horrible display on WP8 since they force you to use pain simple html, and google maps forces ANY non-webkit browser in the mobile part to use the simple version (and no way to get around it without spoofing the browser code), Microsoft actually does have a point about them abusing their control of "basic" services in ways that have gotten them in trouble before. That's the issue with all the haters out there, they're too foolish to look at history and see that for once all they want is fair treatment (or maybe their money back with interest for all the lawsuits won against them that were identical to this issue, though they probably want fair court judgements more)

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    Pretty damning stuff there... google disabled google maps use on the windows phone willingly, which is a pretty huge deal when you're the biggest map service around.

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