New computing devices will allow touch, smell: IBM

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    With work, virus designers will soon be able to release noxious odors remotely. The future is bright.

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    “Utilizing the vibration capabilities of the phone, every object will have a unique set of vibration patterns that represents the touch experience,”

    In English:

    Your phone will vibrate in different ways.

    Wow. That's so amazing.

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    After reading all these predictions, I'm pretty sure this guy's dad was one of the people in the 1950's, who was saying that in the year 1990, we'd all have a robot in our house, and fly about on jet packs to get to the spaceport for our summer holiday to Mars.

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    Battlecam Slayerz

    “Baby talk” will be understood as a language, according to IBM, helping parents or doctors understand what infants are trying to communicate.< Simpsons did it!

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    Good luck with the algorithm to determine why some people like natto. Can't stand it, myself.

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    Excellent invention... Smell.....

    Ah, the 11 finger system is coming!

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    So, the we are adding new ability for the Terminator... It will not only be able to see you in infrared and hear you but will be literally able to smell and taste you out.

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    For virtual dating, you phone will tell her how you smell, not sure how you use the taste and feel part..

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