Research firms scan brain waves to improve marketing


U.S. research firm Nielsen and its partner NeuroFocus said Wednesday they would offer a new service in Japan to scan the brain waves of potential customers to help companies improve their marketing. The service will review brain waves, eye movements and other physical features of potential customers to precisely study the impact of commercial messages or products, the two firms said.

Nielsen will collect the necessary data in Japan and the California-based NeuroFocus will use its teams of experts, including physicians, to examine the effects of the tested products or commercial messages, they said.

The service measures the attention level and emotional engagement of possible customers and the message’s retention level, they said.

“NeuroFocus is a very new innovative approach of marketing research, but also it has a very economical value,” said Cindy Shin, the head of Nielsen’s Japan arm. “So NeuroFocus can really help our clients to do better marketing.”

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    Sounds like some made up hoooey they're hoping to make a buck or three million off of.

    On the other hand, if they actually discern which type of advert makes what kind of neurological response (assuming they can actually measure it accurately) and then show that certain types of neurlogical responses lead to certain buying patterns, it might make marketing efforts a bit more efficient.

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    So NeuroFocus can really help our clients to do better marketing.

    What a revolutionary achievement in the study of cognitive manipulation!

    Perhaps NeuroFocus can scan my brain waves and hear me beg for mercy; from having to endure the agony of seeing Masanobu Takashima's goofy face again in another hokey Lawson commercial.

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