Samsung sells 20 million Galaxy S III smartphones

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    Tried one out at Bic Camera the other day. Android is still a laggy OS, which amazes me. I don't know if it is Docomo's (probably is) or Samsung's idea to fill it up with all kinds of apps from the beginning but i honestly looked like a mess. Other than than it seems like a nice phone, light as a feather and the screen was nice too.

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    I never liked samsung galaxy phones. The display has some bluish tint that makes me feel dizzy. I wonder what made it sell that much? Gimmicks probably?

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    I want one, but can't justify docomo extortion. Starting to hate the iPhone small screen

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    Tom DeMicke

    Docomo would only sell the white Galaxy Note which looks like a cheap toy. So, I went to the Philippines and bought the black one (it is an authentic phone purchased from a legitimate cell phone store, not one bought off a street vender) and it works just fine. Got what I want and did not subject myself to Docomo's color limitation.

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