Sharp to stop sales of Galapagos tablets

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Geez! None of the techies here are going to cry for Sharp?? No praises for Apple??

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    And thats the power of being first to the market. I, as an apple fan have moved on. There are better products with more flexibility. If i didnt have to go through itunes on the iphone, i would go back. Its so easy transferring files on my htc. Just click and drag. Plays all formats of media. I gotta give the 7 inch sharp a try. That might be the perfect size for me.

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    The name was the first mistake.

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    Japanese manufacturer FAIL

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    Yes Paul, some problems resulting from Japan being an island nation are called Galapagos syndrome.

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    Yeah, why didn't they just name it the "Evolutionary Dead-end Tablet"?

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    wow fail

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    Thanks for coming out.

    I've heard it plays old Beta Tapes.

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    Chris McMillan

    “This is a new and expanding market. Many new products and services have been launched. We believe the older editions have fulfilled the purposes that they were designed for,” she said.

    Fulfilled the purposes that they were designed for????? What does this mean....???

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    Ending up as landfill after consumers paid for it.

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    Why did they even start?

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    All my apple products rock, and would never go any other way.

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    Chris McMillan

    Not Sharp enough to cut into Apples share of the market.

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    I feel a bit sorry for those that bought Galapagos -- it's like the unfortunate souls who opted for the Atari Lynx hand-held game console while the GameBoy was dominating the market (even though GameBoy sucked).

    Just goes to show you -- you don't try to fight Apple; it's far too superior a product and way ahead of all the copies that come after it.

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    take your hand off it Smith - superior product? better package maybe with the app store, but the Ipad is the the best tablet?hah no, the best tablet is the one* that apple are whining and crying about in courtrooms around the world right now. it has a better screen, better processor, better cameras, better battery life, plays flash and apple are being dicks about it. It looks like "ours"? What a joke, it's much better than yours and I would take one over the Ipad in a heartbeat. The ipad spec wise is quite average. Dont try to fight apple - yeah, they will cry to mommy or the court system.... The Sharp Galapagos though, was junk from the word go.

    *the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1

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    agreeing with Carcharodon. apple is using the courts because it can't compete on a level field.

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    I wonder whether they'll HP it and slash prices by 80% ?!!!

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    "tablet computers"

    No keyboard, NG.

    "I've heard it plays old Beta tapes"

    I heard it plays old Atari games :-D

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